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Sydney’s small cocktail bars

The Sydney hospitality sector is constantly evolving and we like the latest trend; so far in 2017 we have seen smaller venues for up to 100 guests popping up everywhere and anywhere.  

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​Anyone for a Summer Job?

It’s officially the silly season! We have come out of hibernation, many companies have Christmas parties or end of year functions and of course Summer always brings an increase in events and tourism. It is therefore no surprise that many service based businesses are looking for new staff to start ASAP! In fact there are more than 1,500 jobs in Hospitality, Tourism and Food Service (based in Sydney) being advertised right now!! So are you looking for a new job, a second job to earn some extra cash or a promotion or pay rise? 

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Knowing your Scotch Whisky

A question that gets asked a lot over the bar ... “What is scotch whisky? What are the differences? What’s good?”. Knowing your whisky is important if you want to be a successful bartender you must be able to describe the different regions and tastes. 

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