How to keep safe with your forklift

How to keep safe with your forklift

Getting your Forklift Licence is not only a great way to make yourself more employable, it’s a very important means of keeping you and your co-workers safe.

Did you know that every year people are killed or seriously injured because of unsafe forklift practices? The main reasons for these deaths and injuries are:

  • Being hit by a forklift because of driver error, working too close to the forklift or inadequate traffic management
  • Being hit by a load being moved by a forklift because the driver did not use an attachment when one was needed, or assisting to adjust or steady the load
  • Not wearing a seat belt in a tip-over – the forklifts mostly tipped because operators were turning on uneven or sloping ground

When you do your forklift training with us, we will make sure that you understand these key safety concepts:

  • Make sure forklifts and pedestrians are separated
  • Make sure the load is stable, or use a suitable lifting attachment if needed, and
  • Make sure operators always wear a seat belt


Our course will give you an LF licence which will allow you to safely operate a forklift truck equipped with a mast and an elevating load carriage with a pair of fork arms or other attachments.

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To download a safety poster for your workplace visit SafeWork NSW.


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