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White Card Course Brisbane

CPCWHS1001 Work safely in the construction industry (formerly CPCCWHS1001)

Training locations:
Course name:
White Card QLD also known as Construction Induction (CI) or General Induction Training (GIT)
Course price:
Course length:
6 hours + breaks
Certificate valid:
2 years
Training days:
Mondays - Saturdays
Students must be 14 years old

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Identity Requirements (Mandatory)

Students must bring to the course three matching, original documents before undertaking the course. Original may include an electronic document if the document can be accessed and viewed in real time through a secure portal. We CANNOT accept any photos, scans or photocopies. Our White Card Course is licenced though SafeWork QLD and we must deliver the program as per their requirements.

Applicants must show the following:

  • One (1) Category A document and two (2) Category B documents, or
  • Two (2) Cateogry A documents and one (1) Category B document

Further to this:

  • At least one Category A document must be photographic and show the person's full name.
  • At least one Category A or B document must show the person's date of birth and signature.
  • At least one Category B documents must be Australian-issued documents.
Category A documents
Category A documents

Australian Birth Certificate - not extract or commemorative certificate (current)

Australian citizenship certification/naturalisation certificate (current)

Department of Home Affairs (DHA) certificate of evidence of residential status or VISA Evidence Card with PL056 Visa (current)

Queensland or Federal police officer photo identity card (current)

Australian passport (current or expired less than two years)

Australian Certificate of Identity, Document of identity, Titre de Voyage, Document de Voyage (current or expired les than two years)

Foreign passport (current or expired less than two years)

Australian photo driver's licence (current or expired less than two years)

Queensland Government issued photographic high-risk work licence (current or expired less than two years)

Queensland Accreditation/ Authorisation: driver/rider trainer; pilot/escort vehicle driver; dangerous goods driver; tow truck driver/assistant; traffic controller; passenger transport driver (bus, taxi, limousine) (current or expired less than two years)

DHA- lmmiCard; Temporary or Resident Visa; Document for travel to Australia. Note: Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) is not accepted (valid up to five years after issue)

Queensland Card 18+ (laminated) (issued after 01/01/1992)

Category B documents
Category B documents

Australian Defence Force photo identity card (excluding civilians) (current)

Australian Firearm Licence (with photo) (current)

Australian Security Guard/Crowd Controller Licence (with photo) (current)

Department of Veterans' Affairs/Centrelink Pensioner Concession Card (including Healthcare card) (current)

Education institution student identity document (must include photo and/or signature) (current)

Financial institution debit/credit card (must include signature and embossed/printed name) (current)

Medicare Card, Department of Human Services Basics Card (current)

Interstate government-issued or government-approved photo identity card (current)

Change of Name
Change of Name documents

Australian Marriage Certificate (ceremonial marriage certificates are not accepted) (Issued by relevant Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages)

Australian civil partnership/relationship certificate (Issued by relevant Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages)

Australian Change of Name Certificate (Issued by relevant Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages)

Australian Birth Certificate (amended and/or with notations) (Issued by relevant Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages)

Divorce papers Decree Nisi or Absolute (must show the name being reverted to) (Issued by relevant court)

Deed Poll (Issued prior to 01/02/2004)

Special Arrangements
Special Arrangements

Special arrangements for EOI apply to the following groups:

  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders
  • Secondary school students
  • Temporary overseas workers

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders

The identity of the person may be verified by producing at least one Category A or Category B document and written statements from two authorised referees. Authorised referees for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders include:

  • Chairperson, secretary or GEO of an incorporated Indigenous organisation (including land councils, community councils, housing organisations etc.)
  • Community development employment project coordinator
  • School principal/counsellor
  • Minister of religion
  • Treating health professional or manager in Aboriginal medical services
  • Centrelink staff, Centrelink agent or government employee of at least five years

The authorised referee is to verify the person's identification by providing a written statement on organisational or company letterhead. The written statement must include:

  • the person's full name, current address and date of birth
  • evidence that the authorised referee has witnessed the person's signature
  • the period of time the authorised referee has known the person and how they have known the person (e.g. professionally or personally)
  • the authorised referee's signature and date

Secondary School Students

The identity of the student may be verified by sighting one of the following original documents:

  • Australian birth certificate issued by the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages
  • Australian citizenship certificate

White Card Brisbane Pre-requisites

  • Students must be 14 years old at the time of sitting the course.
  • Students must have at least a basic understanding of English to be permitted into class.
  • Students will need a USI number to complete the course. To apply for a USI or find your number, visit https://www.usi.gov.au/.

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White Card Brisbane Course Details

In the construction industry, workplace safety is paramount due to the high risk of injuries, which can lead to significant health and financial costs. The White Card Course Brisbane is designed to address these challenges by providing essential safety education mandatory for all construction workers.

As a crucial requirement for anyone looking to work within the construction sector in Brisbane, this course offers foundational WHS knowledge necessary to safely begin work on any construction site. As part of this training, participants will need to demonstrate their understanding of the Work Health & Safety (WHS) legal frameworks.

Guided by expert trainers, you will learn to identify construction hazards, effectively use Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), and apply basic risk management principles to safeguard against injuries and illnesses. The course blends theoretical lessons with practical exercises and thorough assessments to equip you with the skills needed for a safe construction career.

Training Program

  • Training must be conducted over a minimum period of 6hrs not including breaks.
  • A Statement of Training (SOT) must be issued to students if they satisfactorily complete all assessments, demonstrating competency in the program.
  • Due to White Card being a Government Initiative, students will have to complete ALL training hours required. Insufficient ID and being late will automatically deem the student ineligible to start the course on that date. Students will need to contact our office to rebook, paying 50% of the course cost, if this is the case.

White Card Brisbane Assessment

Within the 7 hours of the accredited course, students will receive lunch breaks (lunch not provided) and will sit multiple choice and short answer assessments throughout the day. Students are offered multiple opportunities to demonstrate their knowledge and skills throughout the course to deem them competency across the unit.

There are 3 components to this White Card program:

  • Theoretical training in the classroom
  • Practical training in the classroom
  • Assessment for both knowledge and skills

This White Card QLD course combines plain English, videos, photos, and questioning to ensure all learners can have the best possible chance at comprehending the required knowledge and skills.

Assessments MUST be completed in English and with no further assistance. If you believe you will need assistance due to your Language, Literacy or Numeracy skills, please contact our office on 02 9232 1010 to discuss your training needs.

If a student is not successful in completing all assessments satisfactorily, they will need to rebook the White Card QLD course at a $50 NYC Fee.

White Card Brisbane Certification

Once student is deemed competent, learners will be issued a SOT (Statement of Training) which will be valid for 60 days after issued. With this certificate, students can go onto any construction site immediately after the course. SafeWork QLD will post the final White Card to the students address, this normally can take up to 60 days.

Students will be issued with a Statement of Attainment for:

  • CPCWHS1001 Work safely in the construction industry (formerly CPCCWHS1001)

For any lost, stolen or replacement White Cards, please contact SafeWork QLD on 131 050.

Course Enrolment

The cost for the White Card QLD course is $???.
View the White Card QLD Refund Policy.
Courses are subject to a $10 non-refundable enrolment fee.
TCP Training is not registered with CRICOS however all one day courses are excluded from CRICOS.


If organising staff training or onsite training, we can facilitate the White Card QLD course nationally. You can also request to enrol staff using a company invoice.

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White Card Brisbane Training Locations

The White Card Brisbane course is delivered at the following Brisbane training locations -

- TCP Training Brisbane, QLD 4000

For directions, transport and parking information, please visit the Brisbane Training Locations page.

White Card FAQs

What are the ID Requirements?

For all courses it is essential to provide photo ID (i.e. Passport, Drivers licence, Photo ID card, Student Card), however, the White Card and Forklift course requires 100 points of ID.

The acceptable documents for 100 points of ID are listed in the table below and contain both primary and secondary documents. You can provide only one (1) primary document with secondary documents to form 100 points. Alternatively, you can provide a combination of secondary documents to form 100 points. The combination of documents must contain a date of birth, current residential address, photograph and signature. Please bring original evidence of identity documents with you. Certified copies will not be accepted.

If you are unable to provide the correct ID, by law, you will not be permitted into the course.

PRIMARY ID - Only ONE Primary ID document can be used

Passport (Current or expired within last 2 years but not cancelled)


Full ORIGINAL Australian Birth Certificate or Birth Card


Australian Citizenship Certificate.


SECONDARY ID - A combination of secondary documents is allowed to make up 100 points however if more than one credit or ATM cards, or bank statements are used they MUST be from different financial institutions. NOTE: MUST BE VALID ORIGINAL DOCUMENT / CARD ISSUED IN AUSTRALIA

Current Australian Drivers Licence


Current Australian Boat Operator's Photo Licence


Current Australian Firearms Licence


Current Australian State or Territory Proof of Age/Photo Card


Australian Defence or Police photo identification card


Medicare Card (must be physical card)


Bank ATM or Credit Card


Centrelink Card (must be physical card)


Motor Vehicle Registration Papers


Motor Vehicle Insurance Certificate


Department of Veterans Affairs Card


Property (Council) Rates Notice


Property Lease Agreement


Home Insurance Papers


Utility Bill; eg: Electrical, Water, Gas


Bank Statement/s


What if my Card is lost, damaged or destroyed?

If you need to replace your general construction induction training (GCIT) card (previously known as a white card), you will need to contact the registered training organisation (RTO) that issued your original card. Remember you’ll need a new card if you haven’t carried out construction work in the last two years.

You will need to provide the RTO with a statement of attainment for CPCCWHS1001 Prepare to work safely in the construction industry, or the earlier course CPCCOHS1001A Work safely in the construction industry. A declaration stating how the card was lost, stolen or destroyed will also need to be supplied. Once you've successfully completed this unit, the RTO will issue you with your new general construction induction training card.

Visit Worksafe QLD for more information.

Can I use this qualification is other states?

As of the 1st of September 2012, the General Induction Card is recognised nationally.

What is the difference between the "Green Card" and "White Card"?

Previously, participants who completed the WHS Induction course were issued with a “green card”. With legislation changes, participants are now issued with a “white card”.

How long is the White Card valid for?

This card does not expire, however if you have not worked on a construction for 2 years or more, SafeWork QLD recommends attending a course to update your skills and knowledge.

Do I need to bring PPE?

No, you are not required to bring any PPE, only yourself and your ID.

Are you registered with CRICOS?

We are not registed with CRICOS, however the White Card is exempt from CRICOS registration, therefore Student Visa Holders are able to undertake this training

General Course FAQs

When is my booking confirmed?

Your booking is confirmed once we receive full payment of course fees. Unfortunately there are rare occasions where the course will sell out prior to you finalising payment.  In this situation a member of our customer service team will get in contact to organise an alternate training date.

What are your payment methods?

Payment can be made at the time of booking using either a credit card, EFTPOS or cash. Invoices and acceptance of company cheques is by prior arrangement only.

Can I pay my package in installments?

Unfortunately we cannot offer this service, full payment of course fees are required at the time of booking. The good news is that we try to always offer value for money and keep course fees affordable, so you know that you are always getting good value, especially with our package deals which offer reduced prices!

I want to book in multiple staff and/or want a company invoice?

We can book multiple people at once and create company invoices, even for individual students. Please just email our bookings team – bookings@tcptraining.com.

Please include the following information; the course, location and date you wish to enroll them in, full names and unique emails of those who will attend and the company's legal name, address, ABN and contact.

What if I have trouble with written/spoken english?

Most courses will permit a student to bring a friend to interpret for them during training. If you do need assistance, we ask that you contact first before booking your course so we can advise if there are any restrictions. For example, Forklift training requires students to complete all assessments in English.

If the course permits, you may bring a friend along to the course or, alternatively, you can phone the National Translation service to book an interpreter. Visit the Immigration website for more information about help with translating.

What is your COVID-19 Policy?

Following NSW Health Guidelines, TCP Training implements Policies and Procedures to help keep our community safe, for more information click here.

Can Centrelink pay for me?

What you need to do is register with your local Job Network Agent. Your Employment Consultant will make the booking with us on your behalf and arrange payment with us directly. Unfortunately Centrelink does not pay directly.

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