Driver Safety

Road Fatalities have increased by 2.7% in the last 12 months. This astronomical number calls for everyone who is on the road to educate themselves on driving safely.

Our E3 Safety Drivers Course is the perfect course to give you and your employees peace of mind whilst on the road.

It equips you with the vital knowledge required to maximize your own and others safety.

You will learn what to do before getting on the road and whilst you’re on the road to ensure a smooth journey as well as the exact shocking statistics of the largest causes of accidents on the road and how to avoid them.

It covers the technical aspects on preparing your vehicle for success, whether it’s a truck, sedan, SUV etc. As well as practical tips for preparing and maintaining your own psychology for success.

The course costs $49 and takes approximately 30 minutes to complete.

The best part is it’s an online course, therefore you may complete it at your own pace.

This course has been reviewed by Greencap who has been leading the way in risk management and compliance in Australia since 1984 delivering value through practical and tailored risk management solutions.

To summarize, the course covers the below 5 fundamental points for your employees to thrive on the road

  1. Why driver safety is important.
  2. The risks that are related to driving and how to minimize them.
  3. Potential causes of motor vehicle accidents 
  4. How to maintain an acceptable standard of driver safety.
  5. How to manage driver fatigue and how his relates to driver safety.

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