RSA Questions: When To Refuse a Drink?

RSA Questions: When To Refuse a Drink?

If you are thinking of completing your Responsible Service of Alcohol certification with TCP Training, you may be wondering what questions come up on the test?

Well, we can help you out but we can’t take the test for you! Check our guide to standard drink policy in Australia which is just one aspect of the Responsible Service of Alcohol or RSA qualification.

We’ll deal with another aspect of the course - when to refuse service to a customer. It might not sound like the best business practice to turn customers away but it is vitally important to maintaining RSA certification and avoiding fines or prosecution.

The first thing to remember about refusing service is an all important (and obvious) point - age. If you have a suspicion that someone is underage, ask to see their ID or refuse them service. Underage drinking is a serious offence that is punishable with huge fines or even prison time.

Do not take the risk with underage drinking, you’ll regret it for the rest of your life.

Once it is decided that your customer is over 18, when do you need to refuse service?

As part of your RSA course with TCP Training, you’ll learn to spot the signs of intoxication and learn how to defuse an often awkward part of your job. If you see someone showing the visible signs of drunkenness, it is best to refuse them service. Not only is it best practice in terms of RSA, it is best for the customer too - it helps keep them safe and healthy.

If you’ve served this customer throughout their time in the bar, you’ll have a good idea of how much they’ve had to drink. If not, or if they’ve just entered the bar, keep an eye on the tell tale signs of drunkenness. Are they slurring their words, stumbling or struggling to stay up right? If they are, it is perfectly within bounds to refuse them service.

When you do refuse service, customers often get upset. Try and be a nice as you can to avoid a confrontation, offer them a glass of water and explain why they have been refused service and what they can do now. Offer to call them a taxi or suggest they grab something to eat to try and help them sober up.

The worst thing you can do is be rude and short with a customer already showing signs of drunkenness. They’ll probably get obnoxious and cause a scene. If this happens, it is within your rights to have the person removed from the venue.

Only remove patrons that get abusive as you don't want to annoy more customers with rash decisions. the best thing to do is to stay calm and explain the situation to all parties involved.

Refusing service is an important part of bar work and the RSA qualification. Knowing when and how to refuse a customer service keeps you and the customer safe and ensures that your venue hits all aspects of Responsible Service of Alcohol.

Book your Responsible Service of Alcohol Course with TCP Training today and learn more about safe drinking in Sydney!

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